Vertical blanking plate

Vertical masking cover
Vertical blind plates for 800 mm (31.5) wide cabinets

Vertical blanking plates are used in 800 mm (31.5) wide CB cabinets. They serve as a covering for free space between the mounting profiles and cabinet sides. This type of blanking plate is sold in pairs (left and right).

Reference chart
Height (U=44.45 mm (1.75")) Catalog number
45 U VBP-1945
42 U VBP-1942
40 U VBP-1940
38 U VBP-1938
36 U VBP-1936
32 U VBP-1932
28 U VBP-1928
24 U VBP-1924
18 U VBP-1918
15 U VBP-1915
12 U VBP-1912
10 U VBP-1910