Lifting accessories

Lifting eye
Lifting eye
Lifting angle
Lifting eye Lifting eye

Fixed to threaded holes in the top plate of the cabinet’s frame or (when the roof is used) to fixing/spacer bolts

Technical data
Offered in two options:
1) eyebolts–galvanized steel, eye diameter: 30 mm (1.2”), thread for fastening: M12;
2) lifting angle for cabinets bayed in rows–galvanized steel angle, lifting hole diameter: 38 mm (1.5”), two holes for mounting screws M12 (screws are delivered with the cabinet)
Delivery set:
Lifting accessories are sold separately

Element type Package Catalog number
Eyebolt 1 pc. CTB-0
Lifting angle 1 pc. CLA-0

CTB-0 Eyebolt
CLA-0 Lifting angle