Normally closed thermostat
Normally closed thermostat KTO 1140
Normally opened thermostat
Normally opened thermostat

Thermostats are used for controlling fan units, heaters and heat exchangers, also can be used as a signal generator for monitoring the enclosure internal temperature.

Technical data
Sensor element: thermal bimetal
Temperature range: +32F to +140F ( 0C to 60C), hysteresis ca. 44.6F (7C)
Contact types: snap action contact
Power carrying capacity: 6A (1) 125 V / 250 V AC
Radio frequency interference: N (according to VDE 0875)
Supply includes:
- thermostat,
- DIN rail,
- two holders,
- two screw clamps.

The color of handwheel indicates type of thermostat:
Blue thermostat is normally opened, TS-0-O
Red thermostat is normally closed, TS-0-C

Connection diagram
TS-0-O Normally opened thermostat
TS-0-C Normally closed thermostat