Outdoor fiber optic cable, multi loose tube, with steel armored wire, waterproof

1 – Jacket
2 – Steel armored wire
3 – Film
4 – Polymer tape
5 – Rip-cord
6 – Fiber optic
7 – Main load-bearing element
The cable meets EIA/TIA 568-B
Optical characteristics meet ISO/IEC 11801
The cable meets the requirements for IEC 60332-1 fire safety standard

Fiber optic cable, multi loose tube, 2-96 fibers, with steel armored wire, waterproof
The cable is used for laying under the ground, for installation in cable ducts, tubes, cable blocks
The cable is designed for heavy-duty operating conditions, in often-flooded areas
The cable is installed in tunnels and collectors, on bridges and elevated roads

Conductive material: optical fiber 9/125, 50/125, 62.5/125
Fiber insulation: polybutylene terephthalate module (loose tube)
Armoring and waterproofi ng: waterproofing tape
Module fi ller: fi lled with thixotropic gel which protects from water corrugation
Outer sheathing: UV-resistant polyethylene
Armor: corrugated messenger
Central strength member: dielectric load-bearing element

Technical characteristics
Fiber diameter 125 ± 1μm
The insulated fiber diameter 242 ± 7μm
Fiber jacket diameter 2.1 mm (0.08")
Cable outer diameter 16 mm (0.63")
Fiber jacket tensile strength 1.3-8.9 N
Fiber jacket out-of-roundness 1% or less
Minimum bend radius 20 outer diameters
Tension force (cabling) 7000 N
Tension force (operation) 3200 N
Crushing force 600 N/cm (1524 N/in)
Repeated impact resistance N = 20
Flexing resistance 25 cycles
Rupture strength 7KN
Cabling temperature -10°C – + 50°C (+14°F – +122°F)
Operation temperature -60°C – +70°C (-76°F – +158°F)
Storage temperature -60°C – +70°C (-76°F – +158°F)
Weight of 1 km of cable 480 kg (1508.22 lbs)
Standard bunch 1000 m (3280.84 ft)

FO-AWMT-OUT-XX-YY-PE Outdoor fiber optic cable, multi loose tube, with steel armored wire, waterproof
*XX – 50 – fiber 50/125; 62 – fiber 62.5/125; 9 – fiber 9/125; YY – number of fibers from 2 to 96