ProfiBus cable FC, 1x2x22 AWG SFTP, in PVC jacket

1 – Jacket
2 – Shield-foil
3 – Shield-braid
4 – Solid twisted pair
The industrial communications cable designed for application within field buses at the process level, intended for application in food and tobacco industries, compatible with the bus ProfiBus. The cable includes one twisted pair. The cable is encased in the aluminum foil shield and copper braid, covered with fire-resistant PVC jacket and is designed for application in the extended temperature range.
The cable complies with UL 1581 VW-1, UL CMX and IEC 60332-1

Conducting material: annealed soft electrolytic copper wire, monolithic.
Core insulation: polyolefin
Pair jacket: special compound optimized for the systems ProfiBus FC (Fast Connect)
Shield: multilayer aluminum foil and tinned copper wire braid
Jacket: fire-resistant PVC-compound

Technical characteristics
Conductor (core) diameter 0.64 mm (0.025") (22 AWG)
Insulated conductor diameter 2.55 mm (0.10")
The outer jacket thickness 0.85 mm (0.03")
Cable outer diameter 8.0 mm (0.31")
Cable weight per 1000 ft 24 kg (53.6 lbs)
Bend radius 90 mm (3.54")
Operation temperature -40°C – +65°C (-40°F – +149°F)

Electrical characteristics:
Direct-current resistance at 20°C (68°F) 55 Ohm/km (88.51 Ohm/mile)
Electric capacity at 31.25 kHz 28 pF/m (8.53 pF/ft)
Wave impedance at 1-20 MHz 150 ± 15 Ohm
Operating voltage 100 V
Attenuation coefficient at 16 MHz 42 dB/km (67.59 dB/mile)
PB/FC-S-PVC ProfiBus cable FC, 1x2x22 AWG SFTP, in PVC jacket
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