Armored cable for the field buses, 1x2x22 AWG SFTP, in PVC and polyethylene jackets

1 – Jacket
2 – Corrugated steel armour
3 – Inner jacket
4 – Shield-foil
5 – Shield-braid
6 – Solid twisted pair
7 – Main load-bearing element
The industrial communications cable designed for application within field buses at the process level, compatible with the bus ProfiBus. The cable includes one twisted pair and two load-bearing elements. The cable is encased in the double aluminum foil and copper sheath shield, covered with the inner light-stabilized fire-resistant PVC jacket, corrugated steel armour and additional light-stabilized polyethylene black jacket.

Conducting material: annealed soft electrolytic copper wire, monolithic.
Core insulation: cellular polyolefin
Sheath: multilayer aluminum foil and tinned copper wire sheath
Inner jacket: light-stabilized fire-resistant PVC-compound
Jacket: polyethylene compound
Armour: corrugated steel

Technical characteristics
Conductor (core) diameter 0.64 mm (22 AWG)
Insulated conductor diameter 2.55 mm (0.10")
Armour 150 micron
Inner jacket thickness 1 mm (0.04")
Inner jacket diameter 7.8 mm (0.31")
The outer jacket thickness 1.2 mm (0.05")
Cable outer diameter 11.6 mm (0.46")
Cable weight 152 kg/km (539.29 lbs/mile)
Bend radius 200 mm (7.87")
Operation temperature -40°C – +80°C (-40°F – +176°F)

Electrical characteristics:
Direct-current resistance at 20°C (68°F) 55 Ohm/km (88.51 Ohm/mile)
Electric capacity at 31.25 kHz 28 pF/m (8.53 pF/ft)
Wave impedance at 1-20 MHz 150 ± 15 Ohm
Operating voltage 250 V
Attenuation coefficient at 16 MHz 42 dB/km (67.59 dB/mile)
PB-S-A-PVC/PE Armored cable for the field buses, 1x2x22 AWG SFTP, in PVC and polyethylene jackets
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