Keystone Jack RJ45, Category 6, Toolless

Keystone Jack RJ-45, Category 6, Toolless
Keystone Jack RJ-45, Category 6, Toolless
Meet TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1 Category 6
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It is designed for 22-26 AWG solid conductors
Housing: ABS UL94VO
IDC: PC UL94VO, phosphor and bronze with 2.54 micron (100 microinches) tin-lead alloy
Contact: phosphor and bronze with 1.27 micron (50 microinches) gold sputtering over nickel
Insert cover: fiberglass PBT 19%
Insert base: fiberglass PBT 30%
Cap: PC 94VO
Electrical characteristics
Current rating: 1.5 A
Contact resistance: 20 mOhm max.
Insulation resistance: 100 MOhm min. at 100 V DC
Dielectric withstand voltage: 1000 V, AC RMS, 60 Hz/1min
Mechanical characteristics
Total mating force: 800 g for 8 wire leads min
Insertion life: 750 min
Retention force: 13,6 N for 605 s
Storage temperature: -40C - +70C (-40 F - +158 F)
Operation temperature: -10C - +60C (+14 F - 140 F)
Relative humidity: 93%

KJ5-8P8C-C6-180-WH Keystone Jack RJ-45, Category 6, Toolless