Hyperline SCS

Hyperline Structured Cabling Systems

Hyperline offers a wide range of structured cabling systems products which meet international standards. Because these cabling system components are manufactured by Hyperline itself, choosing Hyperline offers many advantages.

Hyperline SCS includes:
copper and fiber optic cables cross panels patch cords modular outlets
work area outlets installation accessories and tools.

In choosing Hyperline SCS, our Customers receive an exceptional value and high-quality product for their money. Hyperline SCS strives always to ensure the proper and enduring performance of our LAN equipment and software for many years to come; making Hyperline goods a solid investment and wise economic decision in both now and far into the future. Hyperline Cabling Systems are the perfect solution for companies that require a highly-reliable system supported by the warranty of a world-known manufacturer.

Hyperline SCS Warranties

Hyperline SCS offers a warranty on any tested Permanent links and Channels that are comprised of Hyperline approved components: cable, outlets, patch panels, cross panels, patch cords.

Hyperline provides a 25-Year System Warranty* for:

proper components performance
cables, connecting cross panels, and equipment installation performance
proper performance of present and future applications compatible with the installed cabling system

Hyperline warrants quality of design, installation and performance of its systems, ensures reliability and the lowest expenditures on the cabling system maintenance for the whole warranty period. This warranty excludes designs, installations or components not created or used in accordance with all Hyperline guidelines, policies and procedures.

Other types of Hyperline warranties:
All cables - 15 years
All SCS components, racks and cabinets - 5 years
Tools and installation accessories - 1 year**

(*) The warranty coverage specifically outlined above is subject to additional warranty agreement and is currently limited solely to components purchased and installed within the borders of Canada and the Russian Federation.
(**) This warranty is limited only to instances of manufacturing defects.

Hyperline SCS is constantly updating its warranty policies and procedures to better accommodate the needs of our customers. If you are unsure about the warranty which applies to your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department directly using Contact us form, phones or e-mail.