Hyperline SCS

Conditions for Application of Warranty

For a Customer warranty to be valid the following conditions must be met:

  • Cabling system components of Hyperline manufacture implemented into the Customerís system;
  • Cabling system developed by a certified designer;
  • Cabling system installed by a certified contractor Ė Hyperline Cabling Systems certified installer;
  • Preliminary registration of the system approved;
  • Cabling system registered and supplemented with registration documentation;
  • Floor plan with indication of cable passages, work areas, marking of outlets and crosses submitted;
  • Cabling system structure diagram submitted;
  • Location of cabinets and crosses provided in drawings;
  • Test results in Fluke LinkWare Database, IDEAL DataCENTER, or other approved cable certifier data formats must be submitted.

Cabling System Audit

Prior to approval of a warranty, Hyperline reserves the right to audit the Customerís cabling system, and in case of violation of the design or installation standards to refuse a certified installer in warranty approval.

In case of a warranty event, Hyperline has the right to audit the Customerís cabling system and withdraw certain components and cables for tests to identify the causes of defects.