Hyperline SCS

What Is Structured Cabling System (SCS)

Structured cabling system (SCS) is a term widely used to denote the telecommunication cabling systems capable of supporting voice, data, video or multimedia applications regardless of their manufacturers. SCS provides a universal platform upon which can work a multitude of products and applications from various manufacturers.

SCS is a universal cabling system which is designed based on a building’s characteristics rather than based on requirements of a certain type of a system or application. A structured cabling system have to conform to the relevant SCS standards ensuring universal topology and consistent system performance.

SCS is the basic element of the information system of an enterprise. The quality of design and installation of a structured cabling system affects communication equipment performance and an overall information support of the company, thus making the whole business process dependent on its quality.

Basic principles of SCS

• Universality
• Structured topology
• Modularity
• Reliability
• Redundancy
• Flexibility